With a combination of over 40 years of experience, research and professional qualifications for all types of valuations, Downes & Sons Auctioneers provide an excellent valuation services with a very prompt turnaround. As property values fluctuate, the issues of inflation, interest rates, zoning and taxation can have major implications in the appraisal of property. Our office is fully bonded and indemnified in order to provide a full valuation service to our customers. We are active members of The Institute of Professional Auctioneers and Valuers, certified Valuers to Blue Book standard and members of The European Group of Valuers’ Associations (TEGoVA). Providing detailed written Valuations, we specialise in the following types:

HSE Fair Deal Scheme: 
The HSE require a valuation on the principle residence of a nursing home applicant. We can provide an open market property valuation to be submitted with the nursing home application. As this can be a sensitive time for all concerned, we carry out the valuation with the minimum intrusion and provide a speedy turnaround.

When a loved one passes away, their solicitor will need a valuation of assets as at the date of death to allow them to administer the estate and before a certificate of probate can be issued. We can provide such a valuation on a property, carrying out an inspection of the property sensitively, at a time that suits and will provide a written valuation in a timely manner.

Transfer of Property: 
This covers eventualities such as:
Your parents/relative gifting you a site to help you on your way to build your own home;
Your parents transferring the family home and/or land to you;
Your parents/relative transferring a business(es) and assets between family members;
In all of these cases your solicitor will require a written valuation for revenue purposes.

Bank Valuations/Mortgages: 
If you are applying for a mortgage or finance through a Financial Institution, they will seek an independent valuation of the property being provided as security. We provide the market value together with a recommendation of what figure your property should be insured for. We are members of Permanent tsb and Bank of Ireland valuers panel.

A couple separating / divorcing need a valuation to calculate the value of assets. We understand that a separation is a difficult time. It’s very important that you have your property correctly valued to assist your solicitor achieving the best deal for you. We will produce a valuation report covering all family assets and can attend court for family law hearings if required.

New build, second-hand properties and new developments.

We carry out valuations of agricultural land, forestry, residential holdings, land letting.

We carry out valuations on all types of commercial property including, offices, retail, industrial units etc, at very competitive rates. Whatever the purpose you require a valuation for, you will require an accurate value. Doing this requires expert knowledge of buildings, locations and market trends. Backed by years of experience our property valuer has the in-depth knowledge to provide you with an appraisal you can depend on.

Property Tax: 
The local property tax is charged on the market value of your home, it is important that the self-assessment of your home is accurate and a professional Valuation could save you money.

Residential sites

Development Land: 
Development land

To perform an accurate valuation, we usually require access to the property to carry out an inspection and ensure we account for all internal measurements and conditions, any extensions or alterations. We can carry this out promptly and return a valuation within a few days.